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Grizzly Bear and Wolf Tracks

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grizzly bear tracksA healthy Alaskan ecosystem will reveal the tracks of predators.  Here, grizzly tracks are bordered in fresh wolf prints.  The wolf population has been growing on the coast of Katmai National Park.  The wolves use the beach as a highway and they trek the coastline during the few hours of summer darkness.

Bears and wolves compete for food sources.  During this past summer, guides witnessed wolves fishing for salmon alongside the grizzly bears on the Katmai coast.


In the Valley of the Wolves

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The PBS show Nature produced a fantastic new documentary on the wolves of Yellowstone called “The Valley of the Wolves.”  The show follows the “Druid” pack of wolves as they struggle to maintain control of an excellent winter hunting ground.  There are several great scenes featuring grizzly bears of Yellowstone interacting with wolves around a kill.  You can watch the entire show online.  The show has excellent narration, and mostly just shows the animals living their lives without a lot of garbage narration that you find in documentaries by Nat. Geo or Discovery channel.

Wolves in Katmai National Park

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A bear viewing guide I know, Brad Josephs, filmed these wolves this summer on the coast – near where many of my grizzly bear photos were taken.  I had a lengthy encounter one night with a white wolf that could possibly be the wolf in this video.  Read about my unusual encounter with a wild wolf by clicking here.