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Grizzly Bear Viewing

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brown bear viewingMy husband John and I settle down in the grass to rest with our favorite grizzly bear “Cheetah” after she chose to approach us closely.


Grizzly Bear and Wolf Tracks

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grizzly bear tracksA healthy Alaskan ecosystem will reveal the tracks of predators.  Here, grizzly tracks are bordered in fresh wolf prints.  The wolf population has been growing on the coast of Katmai National Park.  The wolves use the beach as a highway and they trek the coastline during the few hours of summer darkness.

Bears and wolves compete for food sources.  During this past summer, guides witnessed wolves fishing for salmon alongside the grizzly bears on the Katmai coast.

Bald Eagle in Spring

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bald eagle photoA Bald Eagle in Homer, Alaska snacks on some scavenged meat.

Grizzly Bears Safely Near People

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grizzly bear viewing AlaskaA grizzly bear female decides to walk right past my husband John.  We knew this grizzly bear quite well, and were comfortable with her close approach.  She was curious, and decided to walk near my husband after she took a dip in the stream.

Grizzly Bear Penis

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brown bear penisWeb stats can be interesting – this blog’s most popular post is “grizzly bear penis” so here’s another one!

Grizzly Bear Close Up Photo

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grizzly bear eyesHere’s a close up of my favorite bear we named “Cheetah”.  Making eye contact with a wild grizzly bear is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  There is so much behind their eyes, you can instantly see the vast depths of their intelligence and individuality.

Photo of Grizzly Bear Male

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photos of grizzly bearsHere’s a couple more photos of my grizzly bear buddy “Charlie”.

grizzly bear male photoYou can really see how tall he is when he stoops down to bite on sedge grass.  Although certainly not the largest male grizzly bear I’ve seen, he was one of the largest on the Katmai Coast during one  of our camping trips.  I always bolted to sit near him if I saw “Hopper”, the much smaller bear who had bluff charged us.  One afternoon Charlie was taking a nap, surrounded by eight or nine grazing female bears.  When he woke up, and started to walk, every single bear scattered and ran away quickly.  In this photo, he is actually grazing near several females who were comfortable in his presence.