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Moose Nursing

Posted in Alaska animals with tags , , on September 19, 2011 by grizzlybearblog

moose nursingA very young, baby moose nurses.  I took this photo from my house in Anchor Point, Alaska.  This mother with twins frequented the area around our house, and liked a pond across the street.

Alaska moose photoMoose babies are vulnerable to predation by bears and wolves.  Grizzly bears also prey on adult moose.  The first summer I moved to Homer, Alaska two residents watched a grizzly bear take down and kill an adult moose in their driveway.  The grizzly quickly ate the highly nutritious heart, liver and other vital organs, then fled the scene out of fear of humans.

Watch the video of this grizzly kill:



Baby Moose

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Baby moose

A baby moose nibbles on vegetation while sticking close to her mom.  Grizzly bears, along with wolves, are predators she needs to look out for.