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Grizzly Bear Cub Photo

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grizzly bear cub photoA grizzly bear cub munches on sedge grass in Katmai National Park.


Grizzly Bear Cub

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brown bear cubThe first year of life is tough on grizzly bear cubs.  Half of all cubs die in their first year of life.  The summer of 2008 we witnessed a huge boom in cub births.  We spotted over 24 first year cubs in one bay in Katmai National Park.  Sadly, we spotted no second year cubs in the same bay the following summer.  Mother bears may have relocated to other areas with their cubs, but we assumed many of the cubs must have died.

Grizzly Cub Running

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brown bear cub Katmai National Park Alaska

This little grizzly cub was running as fast as he could through the water to keep up with his mother and two other siblings.  There were lots of bears in the river since the salmon had just arrived.