Grizzly Bears Safely Near People

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grizzly bear viewing AlaskaA grizzly bear female decides to walk right past my husband John.  We knew this grizzly bear quite well, and were comfortable with her close approach.  She was curious, and decided to walk near my husband after she took a dip in the stream.


Grizzly Bear Penis

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brown bear penisWeb stats can be interesting – this blog’s most popular post is “grizzly bear penis” so here’s another one!

Brown Bear Photo

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brown bear photos

Grizzly Bear Close Up Photo

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grizzly bear eyesHere’s a close up of my favorite bear we named “Cheetah”.  Making eye contact with a wild grizzly bear is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  There is so much behind their eyes, you can instantly see the vast depths of their intelligence and individuality.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

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grizzly bear viewingA grizzly bear viewer in Katmai N. Park watches a cub who is waiting for his mother.  The mother dropped off her two cubs to sit with the small group of photographers while she fished the river for salmon.  Grizzly bear mothers in certain areas of Katmai N. Park, who are habituated to bear viewers, have learned that humans are safe.  They also have learned that being near bear viewers is a safe place for their cubs to rest.

Obama Supports Arctic Oil Drilling

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There was some disturbing news this week about Shell Oil being granted permission for drilling in the Arctic ocean by the Obama administration.  The BP spill proved the oil industry does not know how to respond to a spill – and that was in a warm climate close to civilization.  A quote in the article says it best.

““Hard questions need to be asked about any oil company’s ability to mount a response to a major oil spill in hurricane-force winds, high seas, broken and shifting sea ice, subzero temperatures, and months of fog and darkness,”

The article also discusses how there is zero difference between the Bush administration and the Obama administration in terms of drilling policy.  A spill in the Arctic would be devastating to the only intact ecosystem left in the United States.

Read the NY Times article on drilling here.

Blonde Grizzly Bear Clamming

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white grizzly bearClams are an important part of the grizzly bear diet on the coast of Alaska.  Bears use their amazing sense of smell to locate clams under the sand.  The extreme tidal variations in Alaska allow miles of the ocean floor to be uncovered at low tide – an excellent opportunity for clamming.

bear photoYou can see this female grizzly bear sniffing the surface of the sand to locate her next clam.