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Grizzly Bear Penis – How to Determine Sex in Bears

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grizzly bear penisSometimes telling the sex of a grizzly bear is easy – like with this guy pictured above.  He had the droopiest balls of any bear I’ve ever seen!  However, on many bears you cannot see any visible genitalia, so watching how a bear urinates is the easiest way.  Males urinate from the bottom of their bodies, as you can see in this bear photo.  On females, it looks more like their urine is coming out of the back of their bodies towards their butt, from underneath their small tail (where the vagina is located).  Want more info on determining gender in bears, visit us at


Close encounters with grizzly bear female

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Hallo Bay grizzly bears

Took this photo in June in Hallo Bay, we were sitting in the grass when this fluffy, blond female strode right by us.  Click here to read the story I wrote after our first trip to Hallo Bay, Katmai National Park in June of 2008. 

Grizzly Bears Feasting on Whale Carcass

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grizzly bears on Alaska whale carcass

June of 08 we flew over a whale carcass that had washed up on the beach.  This photo was taken from our bush plane.  You can see a large grizzly bear on the right, standing on and eating the carcass.  The carcass attracted quite a lot of bears, wolves and other animals for many weeks.