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Grizzly Bear Fishing

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A large, male grizzly used an interesting “splashing” method to fish for salmon.  He would leap in the air and land in a big belly flop.  The force of his body created a huge splash which on several occasions pulled a handful of salmon up to the surface of the water.


Bears Salmon Fishing in August

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fishing bearsDuring August you will find grizzly bears fishing for salmon all over Katmai N. Park. In august, they gorge on salmon swimming upstream to spawn.  In September they will fill up on all the dead salmon floating at the bottom of the rivers and lakes.

brown bear fishing

Grizzly Bear Cub at Brooks Falls

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photos of grizzly bear cubsThis second year grizzly bear cub is taking a salmon out of the river below Brooks Falls.  Her mother had caught the fish, but she let her two cubs figure out how to walk out of the river carrying large pieces of salmon.  Mother bears coach their cubs in various ways to prepare them for fishing on their own.

Grizzly Bear Teenager

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Grizzly Bear Brooks FallsA grizzly bear sub-adult waits on the sidelines of Brooks Falls.  This grizzly bear is probably three or four years old and possibly on his own for the first summer.  He was waiting on a small ledge of grass near the bottom of the falls.  Lots of inexperienced bears will wait downstream from the falls since older bears will drop their salmon scraps.  Of course this little bear will have to fight the ravens and gulls for the scraps!  I’ve watched quite a few bears eat tons of big pieces of fish just by scavenging downstream from the falls.  This little bear was too timid to even attempt to get near the actual falls.

Photo of Grizzly Bears Fishing Brooks Falls

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Brooks Falls PhotosGrizzly Bears line up on top of Brooks Falls to fish for sockeye salmon. At the height of the sockeye salmon run in July, the falls is packed with fishing bears.  Grizzly bears choose different spots on the falls – these bears are at the top waiting to catch a salmon leaping up the falls (you can just make out a salmon in the far right of this photo).  Other bears will be below the falls to catch fish before they make the big leap.

It is a total myth that the biggest males dominate the top of Brooks Falls.  I actually just saw a commercial on NatGeo Wild for a grizzly show called “King” and they of course say this King bear controls the best fishing spot at Brooks.  This is a total lie-  the bears actually line up as shown in this photo.  When a bear catches a fish, she/he would usually leave the top of the falls to eat the fish on the sidelines.  When a bear with a salmon leaves, another bear files in and waits to catch a fish.  The grizzly bears are really quite organized, and share the fishing spots by cycling in and out.  Of course, this isn’t a totally fixed rule.  Some bears might grumble, growl and fight to maintain “their” spot for a while.  But the two summers I spent in Brooks I rarely saw any loud fights on the actual falls.

It is also a myth that the large males are the best fishermen.  The females, with cubs waiting on the sidelines, usually were much quicker and efficient at getting a salmon when it was their turn on the falls.

I also like this photo because it shows the drastic color differences between a line up of grizzly bears.

Grizzly Bear with Salmon

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grizzly bearA female grizzly bear pins a salmon to the ground under her paw.

Grizzly bear fishing for salmon

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fishing bear  A third year grizzly bear cub stands on his hind legs to search for salmon.  In shallow water, grizzlies can see the salmon’s dorsal fins swishing through the water.  Looking from above makes it easier to spot their prey.

grizzly cub in Hallo BayLater that day, this young grizzly bear catches his first salmon!