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Grizzly Bear Viewing

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brown bear viewingMy husband John and I settle down in the grass to rest with our favorite grizzly bear “Cheetah” after she chose to approach us closely.


Grizzly Bears Safely Near People

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grizzly bear viewing AlaskaA grizzly bear female decides to walk right past my husband John.  We knew this grizzly bear quite well, and were comfortable with her close approach.  She was curious, and decided to walk near my husband after she took a dip in the stream.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

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grizzly bear viewingA grizzly bear viewer in Katmai N. Park watches a cub who is waiting for his mother.  The mother dropped off her two cubs to sit with the small group of photographers while she fished the river for salmon.  Grizzly bear mothers in certain areas of Katmai N. Park, who are habituated to bear viewers, have learned that humans are safe.  They also have learned that being near bear viewers is a safe place for their cubs to rest.

Bridge at Brooks Falls, Alaska

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Grizzly bear in Brooks Falls AlaskaA family of grizzly bears hangs around the bridge that bear viewing tourists use to cross the Brooks River.  This bridge leads to the visitors center of the National Park Service.  All tourists cross this bridge to reach the famed Brooks Falls.  Many grizzly bears prefer fishing around the bridge, since the salmon often bunch up around this barrier in the water before rushing past all together.  Other bears snorkel for salmon in the deep water at the mouth of the river.

This photo was taken from the viewing stand near the bridge, a great spot to watch grizzly bears day and night.  In fact, we had just watched this mother grizzly bear nurse her cubs not five feet from the stand.  Mom had just bolted up and ran to the water to get away from her cubs after one cub painfully bit her nipple.

Grizzly Bear Viewing – Katmai Coast

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Grizzly Bear Viewing AlaskaPhoto of my husband safely watching a mother grizzly bear and cubs on the Katmai Coast of Alaska.  This photo was from our first trip to the coast of Katmai, where we stayed at a bear viewing lodge.  Tourists would sit on this small hill near a bowl of sedge grass that was a popular feeding spot for grizzlies in the area.  All visitors to this lodge walk on the ground with the grizzly bears, however they are with a trained guide.  In Brooks Falls, tourists walk on their own through the park.

Grizzly Bear with Red Fox

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grizzly bear with red foxA grizzly bear digs for clams side by side with a clamming red fox.  Foxes will dig for their own clams, in addition to eating smaller bits of clam meat left behind by the bears.  Foxes may nibble on the meat left stuck to the clam shells by the bears.  Cubs also eat this meat when following their mothers around the mud flats.

You can also just barely make out a group of bear viewers standing behind the grizzly bear.

red foxThe fox’s fur looks really ratty since she is molting her thick winter coat.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

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grizzly bear viewingMore photos showing bear viewers in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.  Bear viewers sit near the shoreline of a river where bears are fishing for salmon.

Alaska grizzly bear viewing in Katmai National Park