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Grizzly Bear Penis

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brown bear penisWeb stats can be interesting – this blog’s most popular post is “grizzly bear penis” so here’s another one!


Blonde Grizzly Bear Photo

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blonde grizzly bear photoThis is a photo of the bear we named “Cheetah” on the first day I met her.  (We were to become good friends).  When her fur is dry, she is one of the lightest colored grizzly bears I’ve ever seen.  Cheetah walked up to us, curious but never ever aggressive.  She was a grizzly who was very comfortable around people, but quite cranky around other bears.  Her large size and attitude allowed her to bully other bears who invaded her personal space.

Tall grizzly bear

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grizzly bear legsThis grizzly bear male has grown quite tall, but he has a lot of filling out left to do in coming years.  He has a very dark brown coat, one of many grizzly bear color variations.

White grizzly bear claws

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white grizzly bear clawsSome grizzly bears have white claws.  This is a very old grizzly with a busted jaw causing one of his teeth to stick outside his mouth.

Blonde Grizzly Bear

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Blonde grizzly bear in Alaska's Katmai National ParkA very blonde grizzly bear in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Grizzly Bear Tongue

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grizzly bear tongueA first year grizzly bear cub sticks her tongue out.

White Grizzly Bear in Alaska

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white grizzly bearFor some reason the white color variation on grizzly bears in Alaska seems more prominent in the female bears.  Perhaps it is a genetic trait expressed by female bears?  The high concentration of white grizzlies in particular bays on the coast of Katmai National Park makes one wonder if related female grizzlies have close home ranges.