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Reclining Grizzly Bear Photo

Posted in Cheetah on November 8, 2011 by grizzlybearblog

grizzly photoA closer photo of Cheetah as she wakes up from her nap.  She has sleepy eyes, and mud on her face from a brief altercation in the creek bed with a curious, young male bear.  Unlike with the male bear, Cheetah had no problem getting very close to us humans.  She had walked right up to us earlier, and then later settled down near us to take a nap in the grass.

Cheetah has spent much of her life around bear viewing tourists and has become comfortable with their presence.  She is quite respectful when approaching people, and will immediately halt and veer away if you tell her “that’s close enough” or “no”.  I’m still trying to figure out how to tell her “don’t come any closer, but don’t run off either!”


Grizzly Bear Viewing

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brown bear viewingMy husband John and I settle down in the grass to rest with our favorite grizzly bear “Cheetah” after she chose to approach us closely.

Grizzly Bear Close Up Photo

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grizzly bear eyesHere’s a close up of my favorite bear we named “Cheetah”.  Making eye contact with a wild grizzly bear is one of the most thrilling experiences of my life.  There is so much behind their eyes, you can instantly see the vast depths of their intelligence and individuality.

Blonde Grizzly Bear Photo

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blonde grizzly bear photoThis is a photo of the bear we named “Cheetah” on the first day I met her.  (We were to become good friends).  When her fur is dry, she is one of the lightest colored grizzly bears I’ve ever seen.  Cheetah walked up to us, curious but never ever aggressive.  She was a grizzly who was very comfortable around people, but quite cranky around other bears.  Her large size and attitude allowed her to bully other bears who invaded her personal space.

Sleepy Grizzly Bear

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sleepy grizzly bear in AlaskaA sleepy grizzly bear tries to wake up from a nap.  This grizzly bear who we named “Cheetah” chose to walk up to where my husband and I were sitting and take her nap next to us in the grass.  This was actually the first day we met her.  Cheetah was usually quite cranky around other bears, but seemed to enjoy the company of humans.  Before this nap she had charged a smaller male bear who got too close.

Grizzly Bear Bathing

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white grizzly bear in Alaska's Katmai National Park outside Homer AKThe grizzly bear we named Cheetah took a bath at least once a day.  Here we caught her blowing bubbles and washing in a small creek in the sedge grass meadows.  While most bears enjoy getting in the water to cool down on a hot sunny day, Cheetah took this to a whole new level.  She really loved the water, and would scrub down her body and blow bubbles under the water’s surface.  It is a great example of how all bears are individuals with unique personality traits and habits.

Grizzly Bear Bathing

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grizzly sowPhotos of the grizzly bear named “Cheetah” taking one of her daily baths.  The photo below shows Cheetah blowing bubbles for the fun of it.

Alaskan grizzly bear sow Katmai National Park


grizzly bear sows