About The Grizzly Bear Blog

people and grizzly bears in AlaskaJessica Teel, along with her husband John, has spent five summers studying grizzly bears in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies.  They are the first people since Timothy Treadwell to camp for an extended period of time with grizzly bears on the Katmai Coast.  Jessica’s writing and photographs on grizzlies appear in the book Bearology and the 2010 edition of Vacation Country Travel Guide. Her close up photograph of two grizzly cubs is on the cover of that guidebook.

The grizzly bear blog features Jessica’s most recent photographs and writing about grizzly bears in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.  Her goal is to teach people that grizzly bears are far from the unpredictable monsters they have been falsely made out to be.  They are one of the most intelligent, resourceful and dynamic animals on the planet.  In fact, studies have proved that when food is involved grizzly bears are as intelligent as chimpanzees.

If you want to read more about grizzly bears in Alaska and how to help protect them, visit my website on grizzly bears: www.grizzlybay.org. The website has lots of great photographs, video, and stories about the bears we met in Alaska.

Questions or comments?: grizzlybearblog@gmail.com


3 Responses to “About The Grizzly Bear Blog”

  1. we want to go see bears next summer ,enjoy your blog and photos whre and when do you suggest we go? hallo bay, brooks , redoubt mt any help would be appreciated

  2. Glad to find your blog. We just got back from an incredible week on the Alagnak river – took many photos and totally enjoyed being with these magnificent creatures!

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