Brown Bear Photo

brown bear photosHere’s a photo of “Hopper” the problem male we encountered one summer.  He really didn’t like people, and made his sentiments quite clear by hopping at us, or bluff charging us a few times.  All that was needed to get him to back off was clapping our hands, and shouting “no” while stepping towards him.  As soon as we stepped towards him – a sign of dominance – he relaxed and stopped bothering us.

He was the only bear that has ever bluff charged us, and it is a good reminder to always carry safety equipment when out with grizzly bears.  Bears are all individuals, with the potential to harm a human.  Although most grizzlies in Katmai ignore humans, you must carry protection in case you encounter a rare individual who does not like humans.  We always carry hand held marine flares to scare off a bear.  We always camp behind an electric fence, and I also pack bear spray, and bear bangers which is a device to make a really loud noise.  Flares are the best choice however.


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