Photo of Large Male Grizzly Bear

photos of grizzly bearsHere’s a photo of one of the massive male grizzly bears that visit Brooks Falls, Alaska.  This bear was easily over 1,000 pounds.  He’s sticking out his bottom lip, and looks a bit “salmon drunk” – a term we use to describe the engorged stupor that bears find themselves in after feasting on salmon.


One Response to “Photo of Large Male Grizzly Bear”

  1. Because salmon are rich in oil — i.e., long chain fatty acids — a heavy meal of salmon puts a lot of fatty acids into the blood, whee they join up with glycerol to form triglycerides. Metabolizing the triglycerides uses up much of the oxygen in the blood. That’s why a person, and presumably a bear, is groggy after a meal heavy in fat or oil.

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