Grizzly Bear Cubs Photos

brown bear cub photoI watched an interesting scene with grizzly bear cubs unfolding at the lower falls at Brooks Falls in Katmai.  This little grizzly cub ran up a tree in fright when he saw a grizzly mom with two other cubs approach.  This cub was with his two much larger siblings, and he was clearly the runt of the litter.  Although grizzlies are not known for climbing trees, cubs are small enough to clamber up trees for safety.  He was so scared, he pooped all over himself!

grizzly bear cub photosI was impressed with how his larger siblings stood at the base of the tree snarling and growling to defend the little runt.  Their mother, who was out fishing in the river, seemed unconcerned with the approaching grizzly mom and left the cubs to defend themselves.  Eventually, the second mom went in the river to fish, leaving the yearling cubs to work it all out on their own.  Both sets of cubs growled at each other for a while, but eventually just settled down to wait for a fish from their mom.


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