Male Grizzly Bear Photo

grizzly bear photoThis is a pretty good photo of the grizzly bear we called “Charlie”.  He was one of the largest males we were around one summer, and we used him as a safety zone after we encountered an aggressive bear we called “Hopper”.  Hopper bluff charged us several times.  He was a cranky, medium size male bear who really did not like people.  Who could blame him, he had probably been shot at in his life.

After Hopper bluff charged us one afternoon, we walked as fast as we could over to Charlie, because smaller bears will usually avoid the hugest males.  The trick worked because Hopper did not follow us.  After a while, Charlie wandered towards Hopper just looking for fresh grass to eat.  When Hopper saw him approach, he ran away as fast as his legs would carry him.  I usually felt the most comfortable around the largest of the male grizzlies.  They are so confident in their spot at the top of the food chain that they can’t be bothered by a tiny, insignificant human nearby.


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