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Mother and Cub Eat Salmon

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mama grizzly eats salmonA mother grizzly bear shares half of the salmon she just caught with her third year cub who is learning to fish.  After every catch, the mother grizzly bear would tear the fish in half and share with her youngster.  Read more about this grizzly bear mother by clicking here.


Grizzly Bear Cub Attacks!

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Grizzly Bear Cub AttacksA grizzly bear cub pounces on her sibling in a flooded field of sedge grass.

Bridge at Brooks Falls, Alaska

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Grizzly bear in Brooks Falls AlaskaA family of grizzly bears hangs around the bridge that bear viewing tourists use to cross the Brooks River.  This bridge leads to the visitors center of the National Park Service.  All tourists cross this bridge to reach the famed Brooks Falls.  Many grizzly bears prefer fishing around the bridge, since the salmon often bunch up around this barrier in the water before rushing past all together.  Other bears snorkel for salmon in the deep water at the mouth of the river.

This photo was taken from the viewing stand near the bridge, a great spot to watch grizzly bears day and night.  In fact, we had just watched this mother grizzly bear nurse her cubs not five feet from the stand.  Mom had just bolted up and ran to the water to get away from her cubs after one cub painfully bit her nipple.

Grizzly Bear Cubs – Yearlings

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grizzly bear cubs yearlingsTwo sibling grizzly bear cubs wait by the shore of Brooks Falls while their mother fishes for salmon.  These cubs are in their second summer, and are referred to as “yearlings”.

Grizzly Bear Viewing – Katmai Coast

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Grizzly Bear Viewing AlaskaPhoto of my husband safely watching a mother grizzly bear and cubs on the Katmai Coast of Alaska.  This photo was from our first trip to the coast of Katmai, where we stayed at a bear viewing lodge.  Tourists would sit on this small hill near a bowl of sedge grass that was a popular feeding spot for grizzlies in the area.  All visitors to this lodge walk on the ground with the grizzly bears, however they are with a trained guide.  In Brooks Falls, tourists walk on their own through the park.

Grizzly Bear with Salmon

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Brooks Falls Alaska Grizzly Bear

A large male grizzly bear walks off of Brooks Falls after catching a salmon in mid-air.  Often, grizzly bears will leave the falls once they catch a fish, opening up a spot for the next bear “in line”.  Eating the salmon in private on the shore helps keep the catch safe from grizzly bears who steal fish from other bears as their hunting strategy.

Grizzly Bear Nursing Cubs

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Mama grizzly bearA mother grizzly nurses her two first year cubs in the sedge grass meadows of Katmai National Park.

brown bear sleepingAfter nursing, all three grizzlies pass out for a nap.