Help Stop Bear Snaring

Follow this link to sign a petition to prohibit the cruel practice of snaring bears in Alaska.


6 Responses to “Help Stop Bear Snaring”

  1. Robert Nansen Says:

    Stop any thoughts of snaring bears or other wildlife. Now.
    Robert Nansen

  2. christopher attinger Says:

    Please stop bear trapping.
    wild bears and wolves define alaska and the balance between predator and prey is key to a healthy ecosystem. It is also economically beneficial as it one of the main reasons tourists come to alaska. there is a way for both hunters and ecotourism to live side by side so that alaska benefits. killing off the predator is not the way to go.

  3. TOM WALKER Says:

    Barbaric and was outlawed at Statehood in 1959. If this takes hold, the next thing these Neanderthals will do is allow the use of poisons.

  4. Alan Seegert Says:

    C’mon, it’s just not the 19th century anymore…

  5. Simon Ford Says:

    I thought the USA was a civilized country. Please show you are and stop this torture of your beautiful wildlife.

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