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Katmai National Park, Aerial View

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Katmai Coast katmai national Park NPSView from the bush plane looking down on Hallo bay in Katmai National Park, Alaska.  The five tiny dots in the meadows, bottom right of photo, are grizzly bears.  Looking from above you can really see the two types of grass that grow in Katmai’s coastal meadows.  Where the bears are standing is sedge grass, surrounded by the taller grass which the bears never eat.


Fat Grizzly Cubs

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grizzly cubsFirst year grizzly cubs are fat and fluffy by September after a summer of non stop eating.

Grizzly Bear with Red Fox

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grizzly bear with red foxA grizzly bear digs for clams side by side with a clamming red fox.  Foxes will dig for their own clams, in addition to eating smaller bits of clam meat left behind by the bears.  Foxes may nibble on the meat left stuck to the clam shells by the bears.  Cubs also eat this meat when following their mothers around the mud flats.

You can also just barely make out a group of bear viewers standing behind the grizzly bear.

red foxThe fox’s fur looks really ratty since she is molting her thick winter coat.

Grizzly Bear Cubs

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brown bear cubsTwo first year grizzly bear cubs learn to navigate the wet space where land meets sea.  Here, the two cubs trail after their mom who walks across the coastal mud flats.  A glacier fed river meets up with the incoming tide, and several salmon runs will occur here through the summer.

Photo Highlights of Katmai N. Park Bears

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Enjoy this lovely compilation of photos from 2009 taken in Katmai National Park by expert Bear Viewing guide Brad Josephs.

Glacier and Grizzlies

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Hallo Bay GlacierA grizzly bear mother and her three cubs graze in front of the Hallo Bay Glacier in Katmai National Park

Grizzly Bear Mother

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brown bearsA blonde grizzly bear mother with her first year cub.