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Positive economic impact from bear viewing

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colors of grizzly bearsA study was released documenting the positive economic impact of bear viewing in Katmai National Park (where most of the photos on this website were taken).  The study reveals that visitors to Katmai spend three times as much money as tourists in other parts of Alaska.  This is a huge revenue boost for the remote communities that surround the National Park.  It also proves that viewing bears is much more profitable than shooting bears, although the Alaskan government remains committed to trying to slaughter all predators in the state.  View the full economic impact study here.

Above, grizzly bears stand at the top of Brooks Falls in Katmai fishing for sockeye salmon which flood the river in July.


Grizzly Bear Viewing

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grizzly bear viewingMore photos showing bear viewers in Alaska’s Katmai National Park.  Bear viewers sit near the shoreline of a river where bears are fishing for salmon.

Alaska grizzly bear viewing in Katmai National Park

Grizzly Bear Cub

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brown bear cub

Grizzly Bears being Photographed

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are grizzly bears dangerous?A group of wildlife photographers and tourists take photos of wild grizzlies in Katmai National Park, Alaska.  You can see that the group of tourists are sitting right on the ground surrounded by wild grizzly bears fishing.  The bear behind the group was actually quite nervous and timid and she was hiding from other bears behind the people.

Cute Grizzly Bear Cubs

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Grizzly CubsTwo grizzly bear cubs snuggling on the mud flats.

Mother Grizzly Bear and Cub

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mother grizzly bearA grizzly bear mother heads towards the beach with her tiny first year grizzly bear cub.  The bluff behind her is a popular spot for grizzly bear mothers.  The steep cliffs are a safe spot for mothers and small cubs since the huge male bears often lack the physicality to climb up steep ledges.

Pre-Mating Grizzly Bears

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brown bear matingA male grizzly bear plods after a female during mating season in Katmai National Park.  During May and June male bears will patiently follow females, hoping to mate.  Females are often quite intimidated by large males.  This pair were walking around and grazing with each other and even stopped to cuddle face to face in the grass.