Katmai National Park Coastline

Katmai National Park AlaskaAn aerial photo taken just North of  Katmai National Park.  Most photos on this website were taken in Katmai, which has one of the largest concentrations of grizzly bears in the world.


2 Responses to “Katmai National Park Coastline”

  1. Stephen Stringham Says:

    The site shown is Cape Douglas, at the base of Mount Douglas, one of several volcanoes in the area — some of which are still active and steaming. To the right is Kameshak Bay, fed by the McNeil River. McNeil Falls (outside of Katmai National Park) is, of course, a world famous bear viewing site. The Cape itself is too inaccessible to be visited much. But farther south (to the left of this photo), there is phenomenal viewing from Swikshak south at least to Geographic Harbor. Hiding here are also a few of the very rare Ghost Grizzlies. To read more about them, visit the website of the Bear Viewing Association (www.bear-viewing-in-alaska.info); at the top of the homepage, click on BOOKS & VIDEOS. The site has hundreds of pages of information on bears, bear viewing, bear conservation, and bear biology.

    Steve Stringham, Director – Bear Viewing Association

  2. cool place

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