White Grizzly Bear in Alaska

white grizzly bearFor some reason the white color variation on grizzly bears in Alaska seems more prominent in the female bears.  Perhaps it is a genetic trait expressed by female bears?  The high concentration of white grizzlies in particular bays on the coast of Katmai National Park makes one wonder if related female grizzlies have close home ranges.


2 Responses to “White Grizzly Bear in Alaska”

  1. Although blond bears like those shown here, mostly females, are common on the Katmai coast, I have seen only 2 or 3 which were actually white — two cubs and one subadult, which might have been the male cub grown up. Tim Treadwell saw one he called Booble. These “Ghost Grizzlies” are the subject of a new book by that name. Anyone interested can go to the Bear Viewing Association webiste http://www.bear-viewing-in-alaska.info. At the top of the page, click on BOOKS & VIDEOS.

    Stephen Stringham, Director
    Bear Viewing Association

  2. […] brown bear populations, it's just more subtle than the differences in American Black Bears. White Grizzly Bear in Alaska Grizzly Bear Blog Grizzly bear photo, dark brown bear and fall colors, Katmai National Park, Alaska. | Skolai Images […]

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