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Grizzly Bear in the Sun

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Alaskan grizzly bearAn Alaskan grizzly bear female rests in the sun on the mudflats during low tide.  Alaska has the second highest tidal variations in the world, so miles of the ocean floor are revealed during low tide.  This makes clamming in the exposed sand ideal for animals like bears and foxes.


Alaska Bald Eagle

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Alaska Bald EagleA bald eagle soars over Homer, Alaska.  Bald eagles steer in the air by shifting the position of the tips of their wings.  This photo really shows the out stretched wing tips in action.

Grizzly Bears Playing

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grizzly bear fightTwo adult grizzly bears playing for the fun of it.  Leisure activities are common on the coast of Alaska where food sources are abundant.

grizzlies in Alaska playing

Sleepy Grizzly Bear

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sleepy grizzly bear in AlaskaA sleepy grizzly bear tries to wake up from a nap.  This grizzly bear who we named “Cheetah” chose to walk up to where my husband and I were sitting and take her nap next to us in the grass.  This was actually the first day we met her.  Cheetah was usually quite cranky around other bears, but seemed to enjoy the company of humans.  Before this nap she had charged a smaller male bear who got too close.

Grizzly Bear Mother Protecting Cub

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Here is a video posted by Brad Josephs, the bear viewing guide who trained my husband and I to camp safely with bears.  The video shows a grizzly bear mother getting uncomfortable when another bear gets too close to her cub.  The cub is quite large, probably in its second or third summer.  This is a great display of the grizzly bear posturing and vocalizations that occur when a grizzly bear’s personal space is invaded.  When females have cubs, they often require more personal space and are more disturbed when bears come near.

Also notice the clicking of cameras and voices of the tourists sitting nearby while Josephs films.  All bear viewing tourists on the Katmai National Park coastline walk on the ground with the bears.

Cute Grizzly Bear Cub of the Day

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brown bear cub

Nervous Grizzly Bear

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grizzlies in AlaskaMaking eye contact with a grizzly bear is always a thrilling experience!  Here, a nervous female bear walks by us.  This bear was quite afraid of the bears fishing in the river.  She would lurk behind us, using us a buffer between her and the other bears.  One evening a male grizzly seemed annoyed at her nervous energy and without provocation charged her.  She ran for her life, and the male took chase.  They ran down the mudflats until they went out of view.  The male bear seemed to respond negatively to the nervous female’s unstable energy.  Read more about this nervous grizzly bear.