Grizzly Bears Fighting Video

Katmai National Park bear viewing guide and naturalist Brad Josephs compiled this great footage of grizzly bears fighting.  There are few things as thrilling as hearing in person the roaring vocalizations of two grizzlies in a fight!  Often grizzly bears will fight over salmon, and some grizzlies steal other bears hard caught fish as their own “fishing” strategy.

Note that in most commercial videos/films of grizzly bears their aggression is overblown.  Notice in this video how most grizzly bear fights end before serious injuries occur.  More often than not, bears posture and vocalize instead of coming to serious blows.  Also notice the clicking of cameras going off during the video – groups of tourists led by Josephs are safely watching the grizzly bear fights on the ground.  The grizzlies are clearly ignoring the group of humans sitting nearby.


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