Alaska Bear Viewing

Alaska Bear Viewing

A recent reader emailed asking where to view grizzly bears in Alaska.  This photo was taken on the coast of Katmai National Park – the best place in the world to safely view grizzly bears.  Here, a group of tourists sits by a river while grizzly bears fish for salmon. 

Most tourists to Katmai view grizzly bears further inland at Brooks Falls.  In July, over a hundred grizzlies congregate around the waterfall to fish for sockeye salmon.  Brooks Falls is set up to receive the most tourists, and you can either camp in the National Park’s campground or stay at a private lodge.  After a 20 minute orientation by the park service, tourists walk around the park without a guide surrounded by grizzly bears.  There has never been a fatality in Brooks Falls – which is a testament to the tolerance of the grizzly bears. 

Be sure to only view grizzly bears where hunting is prohibited!  If you want to go bear viewing on the Katmai coast, I recommend K Bay Air because they have the safest pilot and guide in the business.  Click here to read more about options for Alaska bear viewing.


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