Grizzly Bear Male

grizzly bear male in Katmai National Park AlaskaThis grizzly male, who we named Hopper, was not fond of human bear viewers.  He always had a ornery look on his face.  We couldn’t blame him for being distrustful of humans, chances are he had bad experiences with humans in the past.  Males have a wider home range, and tend to roam outside park boundaries where hunting is allowed.  Who knows what type of human violence this bear witnessed in his lifetime.  It is also a good reminder that although most bears in Katmai National Park are habituated to humans, they are all individuals.  This individual grizzly did not like people.  This is also a good reminder of why we always use every safety precaution around bears and always carry marine flares to scare off bears if needed.


One Response to “Grizzly Bear Male”

  1. […] one summer, and we used him as a safety zone after we encountered an aggressive bear we called “Hopper”.  Hopper bluff charged us several times.  He was a cranky, medium size male bear who really did not […]

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