Grizzly Bear Fishing in Brooks Falls, Alaska

grizzly bear fishing for salmon at Brooks Falls Katmai National Park Alaska

Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park Alaska is the best place in the world to see grizzly bears fishing for salmon.  A huge sockeye salmon run occurs each July, and all the grizzlies in the area know it.  They congregate around the waterfall, where the salmon bunch up in an attempt to leap upstream over the falls.  Some bears like the one pictured above wait for salmon to leap out of the water at the top of the falls.  Other bears employee different techniques like sitting in a jacuzzi like whirl pool of water at the base of the falls.  In the “jacuzzi” bears will catch salmon under the water using their paws.  The salmon becomes disoriented in the whirl pool, and often end up in the mouths of bears.  Less experienced grizzly bears will feed off the scraps that drift down stream.


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