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Napping Grizzly Bear

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sleeping grizzly bear in Alaska

A female bear takes a nap in the sand next to a river filled with salmon.  Grizzlies love to nap in this sprawl.


Grizzly Bear Club Close Up

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bear cubs in Katmai park

A first year grizzly bear cub in Katmai National Park, Alaska.

Mating Grizzly Bears

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mating grizzly bear in Katmai National Park Alaska

The grizzly bear we named Rosie mated one morning with a large male bear.  We often marvel at how a much smaller female grizzly bear manages to support the weight of a huge male bear on her back during mating.

mating grizzly bears in Alaska

After mating the two bears went right back to grazing on high protein sedge grass.

Grizzly Bears Near Tourists

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are grizzly bears dangerous in AlaskaBear viewing tourists stand near the grizzly bears we named “The Georges”.  In Katmai National Park all bear viewers walk on the ground with wild grizzly bears.  Here is another photo of the grizzly bears playing just for the fun of it:

grizzly bear safety in Alaska's Katmai National Park

Grizzly Bear Grazing on Sedge Grass

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brown bear

Mother Grizzly Bear Fishing with Cubs

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grizzly bear sow fishing for salmon in Alaska's Brooks Falls KatmaiA mother grizzly bear feeds her two cubs a salmon that she just caught in Brooks Falls.  The mother grizzly bears in Brooks Falls were usually the most skilled at fishing, and could procure a fresh catch within seconds of entering the water.  This mother feeds her cubs the fish in the river so the youngsters learn how to navigate the rushing the water.

Grizzly Bear Male

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grizzly bear male in Katmai National Park AlaskaThis grizzly male, who we named Hopper, was not fond of human bear viewers.  He always had a ornery look on his face.  We couldn’t blame him for being distrustful of humans, chances are he had bad experiences with humans in the past.  Males have a wider home range, and tend to roam outside park boundaries where hunting is allowed.  Who knows what type of human violence this bear witnessed in his lifetime.  It is also a good reminder that although most bears in Katmai National Park are habituated to humans, they are all individuals.  This individual grizzly did not like people.  This is also a good reminder of why we always use every safety precaution around bears and always carry marine flares to scare off bears if needed.