Grizzly Bear Viewing in Katmai

grizzly bear viewing Alaska Katmai

A group of tourists sits watching grizzlies clamming in Katmai National Park.  Hundreds of tourists a day visit the park without any incidents.  Grizzly bears are falsely characterized as unpredictable, but if you spend time around them you realize their behavior is quite predictable.  In areas like Katmai where hunting is prohibited, tourists are able to watch bears right on the ground.  The only fatality in the park was Timothy Treadwell, who of course got lots of media coverage.  In reality, untrained tourists walk freely around bears every summer in Katmai.  To see more photos of people bear viewing, and to read more about bear viewing in Alaska visit our bear viewing page at  We advocate strongly for people to only bear view in areas where hunting is prohibited.


One Response to “Grizzly Bear Viewing in Katmai”

  1. I can’t believe how close you people can get to the bears! It must have been so exciting!

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