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Grizzly Bear Viewing in Katmai

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grizzly bear viewing Alaska Katmai

A group of tourists sits watching grizzlies clamming in Katmai National Park.  Hundreds of tourists a day visit the park without any incidents.  Grizzly bears are falsely characterized as unpredictable, but if you spend time around them you realize their behavior is quite predictable.  In areas like Katmai where hunting is prohibited, tourists are able to watch bears right on the ground.  The only fatality in the park was Timothy Treadwell, who of course got lots of media coverage.  In reality, untrained tourists walk freely around bears every summer in Katmai.  To see more photos of people bear viewing, and to read more about bear viewing in Alaska visit our bear viewing page at  We advocate strongly for people to only bear view in areas where hunting is prohibited.


Grizzly Bear blowing bubbles

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grizzly bear swimming Katmai National Park AlaskaGrizzly Bear named “Cheetah” blowing bubbles underwater for fun.  Cheetah was such a funny bear – everyday we caught her taking a bath in a stream or pond, dunking her face underwater and blowing bubbles for fun. 

grizzlies in Alaska swimming

Grizzly Bear Sub-adult

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brown bear sub adult clamming in Katmai National Park Alaska

We named this subadult grizzly bear “Bobby” since he reminded me so much of an adult bear we call Bob.  They both had the same funny, round, blond mickey mouse ears on the tops of their heads.  Bobby is most likely four years old, and on his own for the first summer.  Mother bears will drive away their cubs during their third or fourth year.   He was a small little guy who liked to dig for clams along the river.

grizzly bear subadult in Katmai Alaska

More playing grizzly bears

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Brown bear playing in Alaska's Katmai National Park

We named these two adult, male bears “The Georges” because they looked identical to one another.  I wondered if they were brothers, due to such similar body sizes and facial features.  They were never apart, and seemed to be wrestling and playing all day long, every day.  They were truly the most playful bears I’ve met, and often raced around the meadows playing tag, and tumbling in the grass.

Coastal Alaskan brown bears playing in Katmai National Park

Grizzly Bears Playing

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grizzly bears playing in Alaska's Katmai National Park

Coastal grizzly bears are actually quite social and spend a lot of their free time playing for fun.  These two brothers took a break from fishing to wrestle in the tidal waters.

brown bears playing in Alaska Katmai National Park

grizzly bears playing on the beach in Alaska Katmai National Park

One of the myths about grizzly bears is that they are loners.  Coastal grizzly bears, in areas where food is abundant, are highly social and seek out each other for entertainment.  Inland grizzly bears tend to be less social, since competition for resources is higher.  To read more about the interesting interactions between these two brother grizzly bears visit

Grizzly Bear Cubs with People

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grizzly bear cubs near people in Katmai National park AlaskaThe grizzly bear cubs we named Denali and Sitka wait patiently near a group of bear viewers.  These are the bear cubs whose mother would leave them with groups of human bear viewers while she went fishing for salmon in the river.  It is another great example of how stereotypes about grizzly bears are usually not true.  Most people would think a mother bear with cubs would be dangerous.  However, in Katmai where hunting is prohibited, mothers have learned to trust humans and even to use them as a shield against potentially dangerous male grizzly bears.  Read more about this amazing grizzly bear mother on

Cute Grizzly Cub of the day

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brown bear cubs in Katmai Alaska