Life’s Good…3rd Year Grizzly Cub in Katmai

Grizzly Bear Cub third year in Katmai Alaska

This 3rd year grizzly cub – named Racer – takes a relaxing nap on the beach while using his mother as a foot rest.  His mother Paula ia one of the most skilled bears at fishing for salmon – which meant Racer kept his belly full most of the summer.  On the Katmai coast, many grizzly bear cubs stay with their mothers through their third summer.  Inland, where food sources may be more scarce and competition for food higher, cubs might only spend two years with their mothers. 

Grizzly Bear Cub napping in Katmai National Park Alaska

We spotted Racer the following summer on his own.  He had grown much taller, stronger, and bigger.  Just like his mother, he was catching fish left and right with ease.  Read more about grizzly bear cub Racer and his mother in Katmai at


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