Grizzly Cub’s Face

grizzly bear cub in Katmai National Park

It is hard to find a cuter animal than a grizzly bear cub.  I took this photo while “babysitting” two cubs for their mother.  Their mother had taken to stashing the cubs with us while she would go fishing in the river.  Female bears in Katmai National Park have learned that male bears, sometimes predatory on cubs, don’t like to get too close to human bear viewers.  This particular mother would drop off her cubs next to human bear viewers every time she waded out into the river where the cubs could not follow.  It was a great opportunity to get watch cubs up close.  They were quite the well behaved children, waiting patiently by the river bed for their mother to finish fishing.  Watching her fish was also a way for them to learn the nuances of successfully catching salmon.  Click here to read more about these grizzly bear cubs and their mother.


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