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Seize BP – Join the Protest

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Seize BP Petition button

It is VITAL that we never let this type of environmental catastrophe happen again, and in Alaska. These coastal bears are part of a complex, coastal ecosystem. If you cut off the sea in Alaska, you kill the clams, the ravens, the wolves, the foxes, the voles, the salmon, the wolverines, the whales, the harbor seals, the sea otters and the countless animals that thrive on the energy from the ocean.


Life’s Good…3rd Year Grizzly Cub in Katmai

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Grizzly Bear Cub third year in Katmai Alaska

This 3rd year grizzly cub – named Racer – takes a relaxing nap on the beach while using his mother as a foot rest.  His mother Paula ia one of the most skilled bears at fishing for salmon – which meant Racer kept his belly full most of the summer.  On the Katmai coast, many grizzly bear cubs stay with their mothers through their third summer.  Inland, where food sources may be more scarce and competition for food higher, cubs might only spend two years with their mothers. 

Grizzly Bear Cub napping in Katmai National Park Alaska

We spotted Racer the following summer on his own.  He had grown much taller, stronger, and bigger.  Just like his mother, he was catching fish left and right with ease.  Read more about grizzly bear cub Racer and his mother in Katmai at

Grizzly Bears Mating in Alaska

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Grizzly Bears Mating in Brooks Falls Alaska

Although mating season for grizzlies is roughly May – June, I snapped this photo of two bears mating in mid July in Brooks Falls, Alaska.  I’ve even witnessed mating as late as August.  This male bear was covered from head to toe in scars – not exactly the most attractive of mates…

Grizzly Cub’s Face

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grizzly bear cub in Katmai National Park

It is hard to find a cuter animal than a grizzly bear cub.  I took this photo while “babysitting” two cubs for their mother.  Their mother had taken to stashing the cubs with us while she would go fishing in the river.  Female bears in Katmai National Park have learned that male bears, sometimes predatory on cubs, don’t like to get too close to human bear viewers.  This particular mother would drop off her cubs next to human bear viewers every time she waded out into the river where the cubs could not follow.  It was a great opportunity to get watch cubs up close.  They were quite the well behaved children, waiting patiently by the river bed for their mother to finish fishing.  Watching her fish was also a way for them to learn the nuances of successfully catching salmon.  Click here to read more about these grizzly bear cubs and their mother.

Clamming holes left by grizzly bear

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grizzly bears holes left from clamming

The mudflats along the Alaskan coast can be littered with holes left behind by clamming bears.

More clamming bears in May

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grizzly bears Katmai National Park AlaskaQuite the gorgeous view of the mountains in Katmai National Park as seen from the mudflats.

Smelling for clams

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Grizzly Bear Nose

Grizzly Bears use their noses to smell for clams under the sand.  Once they smell a clam, they will quickly jam their paws into the sand to scoop up the clam.  This is an impressive act, considering clams can move several inches per second under the sand.

To learn more about the grizzly bear’s nose visit