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King the gentle giant

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Grizzly bear males can weigh over a thousand pounds. This male bear, King, is one of my favorite male bears. He always had a calm energy as he patiently pursued females around the meadows hoping to mate. Read more about Grizzly Bear King by clicking here.


Curious grizzly bear

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paperonface1This grizzly bear female found a piece of trash that had blown into the meadows.  Ever the curious bear, she sniffed the paper, and then rubbed it all over her face.


Grizzly bear spring cubs

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Meet “Sitka” and “Denali”, the spring cubs we spent quite a bit of time with summer of 2007.  Spring cubs were born the previous winter inside their mother’s den.  Their mother, Athena, used to leave them with us to babysit while she would go fishing in the river for salmon.  They usually sat nestled together watching mom from the sidelines.


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Cheetah surrounded by a halo of water as she shakes after a long bath.

Cheetah scratching

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Cheetah, ever the clever girl, found a log just the perfect height for some vigorous back scratching.  Cheetah shimmied back and forth, raking her back against the scraggly driftwood log.  Cheetah isn’t the only bear to use the driftwood for scratching, the logs along this beach are covered in bear hair stuck in their splintery grooves.

Yoga bear

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I love gazing at this picture, thinking about the carefree ease of grizzly bears relaxing and stretching in the summer sun.  Grizzly bears are extremely flexible, and this young, female bear reminds me of a baby lying on its back, lolling its legs around in rubber-like joints.  It was one of those perfect sunny, summer days with bright white daisies peppering the sedge the grass fields with their sweet blooms.

Pom Pom

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Meet “Pom Pom” the grizzly bear, who had quite the funny, shaggy, akimbo coat this time of year.  This was early July, when grizzly bears are blowing their winter coats.  Pom Pom had lost almost all her thick, fluffy winter fur except for a huge mass of frizzy hair on her hump and a large swirl of hair above her hip.  Grizzly bears can look vastly different depending on the time of year since they grow such thick coats to survive wintering in their dens.  Pom Pom is a young female, probably about five or six years old. 


She liked to hang out grazing on sedge grass close to our camp, so we passed by her quite often.  I couldn’t help but smile every time I saw her goofy coat.