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Grizzly Bear Cub Photo

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grizzly bear cub photoA grizzly bear cub munches on sedge grass in Katmai National Park.

Grizzly Bear Viewing

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grizzly bear viewingA grizzly bear viewer in Katmai N. Park watches a cub who is waiting for his mother.  The mother dropped off her two cubs to sit with the small group of photographers while she fished the river for salmon.  Grizzly bear mothers in certain areas of Katmai N. Park, who are habituated to bear viewers, have learned that humans are safe.  They also have learned that being near bear viewers is a safe place for their cubs to rest.

Grizzly Bear Cub at Brooks Falls

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photos of grizzly bear cubsThis second year grizzly bear cub is taking a salmon out of the river below Brooks Falls.  Her mother had caught the fish, but she let her two cubs figure out how to walk out of the river carrying large pieces of salmon.  Mother bears coach their cubs in various ways to prepare them for fishing on their own.

Grizzly Bear Cubs Photos

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brown bear cub photoI watched an interesting scene with grizzly bear cubs unfolding at the lower falls at Brooks Falls in Katmai.  This little grizzly cub ran up a tree in fright when he saw a grizzly mom with two other cubs approach.  This cub was with his two much larger siblings, and he was clearly the runt of the litter.  Although grizzlies are not known for climbing trees, cubs are small enough to clamber up trees for safety.  He was so scared, he pooped all over himself!

grizzly bear cub photosI was impressed with how his larger siblings stood at the base of the tree snarling and growling to defend the little runt.  Their mother, who was out fishing in the river, seemed unconcerned with the approaching grizzly mom and left the cubs to defend themselves.  Eventually, the second mom went in the river to fish, leaving the yearling cubs to work it all out on their own.  Both sets of cubs growled at each other for a while, but eventually just settled down to wait for a fish from their mom.

Cute Grizzly Bear Cub Photo

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bear cub

Grizzly bear cubs

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brown bear cubsAt an early age, grizzly bear cubs become comfortable in the water.  Cubs have to follow their mother through streams, lakes, and tidal zones in preparation for fishing and scavenging for sea life.

Grizzly bear fishing for salmon

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fishing bear  A third year grizzly bear cub stands on his hind legs to search for salmon.  In shallow water, grizzlies can see the salmon’s dorsal fins swishing through the water.  Looking from above makes it easier to spot their prey.

grizzly cub in Hallo BayLater that day, this young grizzly bear catches his first salmon!

Mother and Cub Eat Salmon

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mama grizzly eats salmonA mother grizzly bear shares half of the salmon she just caught with her third year cub who is learning to fish.  After every catch, the mother grizzly bear would tear the fish in half and share with her youngster.  Read more about this grizzly bear mother by clicking here.

Grizzly Bear Cub Attacks!

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Grizzly Bear Cub AttacksA grizzly bear cub pounces on her sibling in a flooded field of sedge grass.

Bridge at Brooks Falls, Alaska

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Grizzly bear in Brooks Falls AlaskaA family of grizzly bears hangs around the bridge that bear viewing tourists use to cross the Brooks River.  This bridge leads to the visitors center of the National Park Service.  All tourists cross this bridge to reach the famed Brooks Falls.  Many grizzly bears prefer fishing around the bridge, since the salmon often bunch up around this barrier in the water before rushing past all together.  Other bears snorkel for salmon in the deep water at the mouth of the river.

This photo was taken from the viewing stand near the bridge, a great spot to watch grizzly bears day and night.  In fact, we had just watched this mother grizzly bear nurse her cubs not five feet from the stand.  Mom had just bolted up and ran to the water to get away from her cubs after one cub painfully bit her nipple.


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